So you think you can cook?

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My cousin and I came up with an idea to have a competition of sorts.   We're going to take turns choosing a universal ingredient to cook with.  She will make a sweet application to the ingredient and I will make a savory application for it.  We'll choose an ingredient on the 15th of the month and post the blog sometime in the first week of the next month.

Our little competition is open to anyone.  Unfortunately, there is no prize but think of it as a way to show your creativity.  My cousin and I will both post any pictures that you take of your food.  There is no money involved and no entry required other than telling us you wish to participate.  We'll start off with some fairly easy ingredients then we'll progress to some harder ones.

Happy Cooking!

Allez Cuisine!


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I am very much looking forward to this competition! I am by no means an experienced chef, but I do like to fool around a bit with molecular gastronomy and I know a thing or two about grilling and using exotic ingredients!! Contest on!!

IRON CHEF! hhahaha, sounds like fun!

Doc, This is awesome! Send me any pictures or links if you write a blog! The Secret Ingredient this month is .... PEANUTS!

Are we limiting this kind of thing to specific courses? I'm thinking that using Peanuts in an entree is much more difficult (and awesome) than in a dessert. I'm always in favor of cranking it up a difficulty notch!

I'm actually quite interested in this. I'm by no means a great chef though, so who knows... Peanuts on PB&J... points for dry humor?

@karsten It'll only be dry if you leave out the J part of your PB&J! Haha! You are definitely welcome to join us!

@doc hartman. My cousin and I are limiting ourselves but we don't expect the participants to. They can if they wish to challenge themselves but i figured we'd take it easy for the first few months and work our way to more difficult ingredients!

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