6 Minute Perfection!

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I've been going on about cooking eggs and what's the proper way to cook them.  I stated about how the 6 minute egg is my favorite way to eat a boiled egg.  It is absolutely delicious when cooked right.  The yolk is runny and the white is firm. 

I've had a few people come up to me and say that their eggs cracked when they put the egg in the boiling water.  I normally start off with room temperature eggs but if you're like any normal person, you keep your eggs in the refrigerator and that can cause cracking in the egg when you drop it into boiling water.  The egg shell can't take the differences in pressure that's going on inside the egg.

So, I searched for a solution to the problem and a few people had mentioned that you can poke a hole in the shell on the larger end of the egg (normally where there's an egg pocket).  Keep in mind you do not want to poke a hole in the egg and start with cold water.  Your egg white will run out into the water.   

I took a hammer and a nail and proceeded to poke holes in the eggs using the egg carton as a holder.  I was trying not to poke a hole in the membrane so the egg white wouldn't run out but as it turns out it didn't matter too much .

Once the holes were punched I put them into boiling water.  You can't really see it in the picture but one of the eggs had egg white running out.  When you use boiling water the egg white will cook fast enough so not alot of egg white will leak out. 

As soon as you put the egg in the water, start your timer for 6 minutes.   Once your 6 minutes is up immediately take the eggs out of the water and put them in an ice bath.  This will allow that pesky white membrane to seize up and make the eggs easier to peel. 

The final product is a perfectly cooked egg.  Below is the one egg that ran out and you can see that the egg white running out didn't make much of a difference.  Try a 6 minute egg tonight and eat it with some butter toast and jam or straight into your mouth with a little bit of sea salt!  Delicious!

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