Hand Pulled Noodles Pt. 1

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I was so excited to try hand pulled noodles for the very first time!!! I never made noodles before and I have always wanted to.  Hand pulled noodles have a great bite and chew to it that can only be achieved by making them by hand.  So I used a recipe by this guy.  Yep, it's the same recipe adapted by Tiny Urban Kitchen

I thought I had followed the recipe perfectly. I weighed all the ingredients, mixed them together and started kneading.

The kneading process by hand took me almost 2 hours worth to even get it somewhat stretchy I had to keep adding little bits of water so I could get it to stretch right.  It kept drying out but the dough looked good.  When I tried to make the noodles, it always would break and there would be some fat parts to my noodle.

So I made them into little noodles one strand at a time and decided to boil them.  They  did not come out good at all.  It's hard to describe the texture since at this time I was crying in the corner at my countless hours wasted working my forearm muscles.  Needless to say, my first attempt at hand pulled noodles was an EPIC FAIL!   I was such a sad panda =(

It's a good thing I had made a Dragon Fruit Sorbet on Monday.  I went to the freezer with my best pouty face and scooped myself a large helping of Sorbet.  You can't feel bad if you have a frozen treat in front of you.

So, I leave you with this recipe:

Dragon Fruit Sorbet:
3 Ripe Dragon Fruit (halved)
3/4 Cup of Water
1/4 Cup Sugar
2 Tbsp Meyer Lemon Juice (about 1 lemon)

Take a spoon and scoop out the inside of the Dragon Fruit.  Reserve the skin by placing in a bag and freezing it to use as bowls.  Put everything inside a blender or a food processor.  Blend till smooth and  place the mixture in an ice cream maker.  Mix for up to 30 minutes till you get a slushy consistency and put it inside the freezer to let it set.

Should take about 4 hours to set fully.

Let me go cry in a corner now!

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hahaha! so sorry your noodles did not work. I'm sure it just takes practice. and maybe if you watched a youtube video of how to do it. indetail . youtube has fixed many things for me!

lol, I did watch a video atley. I just failed at making the noodles somehow. Next time I'll get a stand mixer or a bread maker to knead for me. no mroe forearm work out for 2 hours.

Funny how there are ZERO posts about golf.. oh well fooodz are better anyway.

There are two posts in the beginning!!! I can post more!!

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