Golf Tomorrow.

Posted by Jimmy | | Posted on 9:20 PM

Tomorrow we head out to Boundary Oak at 10:30 to go golfing.  I've been there plenty of times and I believe my best score there was an 83.  Par being 72. The championship tees makes the course a whopping 7100 yards.  Of course, I play the white tees (only 6372 yards) as I've been hacking up alot of grass all over the golf courses this year. Tomorrow, I hope to conquer the course a little better.

It's a beautiful championship golf course nestled in the middle of Walnut Creek, CA.  The signature hole being the par 4 first hole tee over water that drains hard left so it makes it difficult to keep your ball on the fairway.  When you step up to first tee you can see why.   As you look down the fairway on the first tee you can't help but say to yourself, "What a beautiful day for golf!"

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congrats on your first real post! now post stuff about food. =P

haha in due time. I'm gonna write a blog about my pizza.

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