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TPC, The Players Championship.  O.k. a little off topic but it almost made me think it was fate. Anyways!

As some of you may know I joined up to be a consultant for The Pampered Chef™.  I went to my first training meeting today and I will say it was quite interesting.  The team that went consisted of 15% males and the rest female.   Not that there's anything wrong with that!  The meeting consisted of learning techniques and tips other consultants have done.  Networking and talking with other experienced people. 

If you don't know what The Pampered Chef™ is.  It is a company that sells their own line cooking products to households and they rely on "consultants" to do the sales for them.  How they go about it is they host shows or demonstrations about the product in their own home, other people's homes or wherever and people can either buy any product they want from the catalogue or what was demonstrated from the consultant. 

What it also does is give the host a discount on many items or they can even earn free items for hosting one of these cooking shows.  A host can be a friend, relative, co-worker or even just someone you met at the street.  It doesn't matter.  What it does for the consultant is it creates networking opportunities for more shows to be hosted by others and therefor broadens the sphere of influence of the consultant.  It also creates an environment for recruiting as there are many people who will think, "Hey, I can do this in my free time".  A pretty good concept because recruiting = $$ for you.

So far the products I have seen are fairly well made and durable.  Some products even come with a 5 year warranty.  While some items may be Gimmicky, most products are solid and I look forward to testing out some of them and letting you guys know what to look for.  I had wanted to jump right in and start selling online to people, but I found out that you have to meet a certain sales criteria before you can do that.  BUT, I can take orders and fulfill them during my shows and get them sent to you.  So the most someone would probably have to wait is a week.  (hopefully). 

I'd like to know, of everyone out there reading this blog.  Have you had any experience either buying their product, hosting a show or even being a consultant with The Pampered Chef ™?  What was your experience like?  And if you never had any experience with them.  Check them out at also if you'd like to host a cooking/product demonstration you can e-mail me at

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I've been host to a few parties a looooooong time ago, and I continue to purchase some products here and there. I love everything I've purchased...the quality is excellent and they seem to be the only ones who carry designs I have in mind for serving dishes. And they have cool cooking tools. :)

Thanks for the review Nette. I got a chance to see some of their products on Monday and they all seem to be great quality and have a good warranty.

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